Mission Statement

Love, Care, Share…

At St. Ethelbert’s RCP we:

Love learning as friends;

Care for our community as neighbours;

Share our faith in Jesus as disciples.

We inspire a love of learning as friends through:

  • Providing a broad, balanced, creative curriculum, underpinned by Gospel values; our curriculum is rich in content and both challenging and differentiated to allow each child to fulfil their potential
  • Fostering a climate of encouragement and support, where children feel confident to take risks, be adventurous, display curiosity and develop independence
  • Celebrating achievement
  • Providing opportunities for our children to experience awe and wonder in God’s wonderful world

We show care for our community as neighbours through:

  • Providing a safe, secure and welcoming environment, where pupils, staff, governors and parents share a sense of belonging
  • Helping our children to be aware of their own and others’ feelings; to be open and generous towards each other and towards God’s creation
  • Celebrating  and valuing diversity, recognising that we are all made in God’s image and likeness
  • Building positive relationships and a spirit of service between school, home, parish and the wider community so that we can all work together to secure good outcomes for our children and families
  • Developing stewardship of God’s creation in our school, our local area and at a global level through charitable works and community involvement
  • Providing a clear and consistent behaviour management framework, underpinned by reconciliation

We share our faith in Jesus through:

  • Celebrating the Word of God in worship and liturgy, including passing on the traditions and teachings of the Catholic church
  • Providing our children with adult examples of Christian witness so that they can be inspired and be led closer to God both now and in the future
  • Acting charitably so as to help those in need at a local, national and global level
  • Living the mission of the Church in all that we do in school
  • Placing Religious Education at the core of our entire curriculum